Summer Camps at OAC are a perfect opportunity for young artists of all skill levels to enjoy creative, individual and group activities in an inviting, supportive and inspiring environment. With a different theme each week, our experienced art instructors will guide young artists through an eclectic variety of fun and engaging two- and three-dimensional projects.

At the end of each week, our young artists will have a wonderful and unique opportunity to showcase their creativity in a vibrant art show in the OAC Gallery where family and friends are invited to attend.

week 1


Monday – Friday
June 11 – June 15
9:00am – 3:00pm
Ages 5-13

Our first week’s theme is inspired by nature. This camp will lead young artists into a marvelous exploration of the four natural elements: earth, air, fire and water. Dynamic art activities will fill this week, from large group projects that involve team-building and creative problem solving, to small and focused individual projects, every artist will be encouraged to express themselves as they are, by nature! The beautiful park setting surrounding the art center will inspire OAC art campers, as they create artwork outside! 

week 2


Monday – Friday
June 18 – June 22
9:00am – 3:00pm
Ages 5-13

Our second week’s theme is centered on the age-old tradition of art being used as a means to tell a story. This camp will take our young artists on an incredible journey of narrative art! Each camper will be supported by our amazing art instructors to develop their own personal art narrative that they will be able to share with their fellow campers, friends and family at the end of the week art show! OAC art instructors will work individually with each camper to help develop their narrative in both two- and three- dimensional art mediums. OAC art campers will work together to create a large format art project that narrates a central theme or message. These group projects will allow students to practice team-building and creative problem solving in an exciting new way!


Q. I see that Summer Art Camps are for ages 5-13, that’s a big range! If my camper is age 5, will they be with other students of a similar age and skill level?

A. Yes! On the first day of Summer Art Camp, OAC campers will be divided into 2 groups based on age and skill level (5-9 and 10-13). Campers will stay with their assigned group for the entirety of the week.


Q. What kind of projects will my camper be making at Summer Art Camp?

A Campers will be part of an immersive fine art experience during Summer Art Camp, where they will rotate through various studios at OAC, learning the processes and mediums of each studio. Campers will dive into our Ceramics Studio where they will explore the world of clay with pinch pots, coil building, slab building, and even wheel throwing! In the Painting + Drawing Studio, campers will work with papers and canvases small and large, with both drawing and painting mediums. From watercolor to printmaking, campers will be learning new art processes every day!

Q. What do I need to pack for my camper so they are ready to enjoy each day of Summer Art Camp?

A Parents are encouraged to send their campers with a healthy lunch, water bottle, and sunscreen! We do not provide lunch or snacks but we will schedule breaks throughout the day for students to enjoy their packed snacks and lunch. 


Q. Where will my camper be eating lunch?

A. Campers will enjoy a picnic lunch in our beautiful park setting followed by some fun outdoors activities and games before returning to creative projects.


Q. What kind of clothes should my camper wear?

A. Campers should wear comfortable clothes and shoes that they can get messy in. Closed toed and rubber soled shoes are prefered for both outdoor and indoor activities. An old pair of sneakers would be perfect at art camp! We provide aprons for our campers to help protect their clothing, but please expect your camper to come home with paint or clay on their clothes. Don’t worry- all materials we use will be washable!


Q. What does a typical day at camp look like?

A. Each day will follow the same basic schedule.

9:00am Campers arrive.

9:00am - 11:30am Campers will be led by an experienced art instructor to create an art project in the Painting + Drawing Studio, Ceramics Studio, or Nature Studio (making art outdoors!).

11:30am - 12:30pm Campers will enjoy a picnic lunch and some outdoor activites!

12:30pm - 3:00pm  Campers rotate to a new project for the afternoon, led by an experienced art instructor in the Painting + Drawing Studio, Ceramics Studio, or Nature Studio.

3:00pm Campers are picked up by parents. If campers are enrolled in open doors, campers will walk over to PPLC with a Camp Counselor.


Q. My camper loves making art at home, but has never taken an art class at OAC before. Is Summer Art Camp designed for beginning students?

A Absolutely! Summer Art Camps are designed for all skill levels, from the beginner artist, to the advanced returning student. 


Q. I’ve never been to Orange Art Center before. Can I stop by to see the facilities before or after registering my camper for Summer Art Camp?

A. Absolutely! OAC invites all future campers and their families to visit the center for a tour of our creative studios and art galleries! Come by for a visit Mon. – Fri. 9am- 5pm and get a chance to meet our OAC Art Team!


Q. If I sign my camper up for both weeks of camp, will they be doing different projects each week?

A. Yes! We designed our camps with 2 week campers in mind. Each week has a it’s own theme and the projects that we make will vary, though the campers will be using many of the same art mediums, they will be creating different art works!